The Kingdom of Mercia (i.e., Miercna Rīce) occupied the region now known as the Midlands. The name Mercia is a Latinization of the OE word Mierce or Myrce meaning “border people”.


  1.  Map of “Mercia” created by “Amitchell125”, English Wikipedia


  1. Icel (ca. 527- ); son Eomer, last King of the Angles
  2. Cnebba; son of Icel
  3. Cynewald; son of Cnebba
  4. Creoda (ca. 584-ca. 593); son of Cynewald
  5. Pybba (ca. 593-ca. 606); son of Creoda
  6. Cearl (ca. 606-ca. 626)
  7. Penda (ca. 626-655); son of Pybba, killed in battle by Oswiu of Northumbria
  8. Eowa (ca. 635-642); son of Pybba, killed in battle
  9. Peada (ca. 653-656); son of Penda, joint ruler of southeast Mercia, murdered
  10. Oswiu of Northumbria (655-658)
  11. Wulfhere (658-675); son of Penda, first Christian king
  12. Æþelred I (675-704); son of Penda, abdicated, retired to monastery
  13. Cœnred (704-709); son of Wulfhere, abdicated, retired to Rome
  14. Ceolred (709-716)
  15. Ceolwald (716); son of Æþelred I, possibly poisoned
  16. Æþelbald (716-757); grandson of Eowa, murdered by bodyguards
  17. Beornred (757); no known relations, deposed by Offa, burnt to death
  18. Offa (757-796); great, great, grandson of Eowa
  19. Ecgfrith (787-796); son of Offa, joint ruler, died suddenly
  20. Cœnwulf (796-821); descendant of Pybba, self-titled “emperor”
  21. Cynehelm (ca. 798-812); son of Cœnwulf, canonized
  22. Ceowulf I (821-823); brother of Cœnwulf, deposed by Beornwulf
  23. Beornwulf (823-826); kinsman of Beorned, killed in battle
  24. Ludeca (826-827); no known relations, killed in battle
  25. Wiglaf (827-829); no known relations; deposed by Ecgberht of Wessex
  26. Ecgberht of Wessex (829-830)
  27. Wiglaf (830-839); restored
  28. Wigmund (ca. 839-ca. 840); son of Wiglaf, son-in-law of Ceolwulf I
  29. Wigstan (840); son of Wigmund, declined kingship, murdered by Beorhtwulf, canonized
  30. Ælfflæd (840); daughter of Ceolwulf I, wife of Wigmund, mother of Wigstan, regent
  31. Beorhtwulf (840-852); possible cousin, usurped throne, forced Ælfflæd to marry son, Beorhtfrith
  32. Burgred (852-874); possible kinsman to Beorhtwulf; fled Danish invasion
  33. Ceolwulf II (874-879 or ca. 883); possible relation
  34. Æþelred II (ca. 883-911); lord, ealdorman
  35. Æþelflæd (911-918); lady, wife of Æþelred, daughter of Alfred of Wessex
  36. Ælfwynn (918); daughter of Æþelred II and Æþelflæd; deposed by uncle, Eadweard the Elder
  37. Æþelstan (924); so nof Eadweard the Elder, nephew of Æþelflæd
  38. Eadgar (957-959); nephew of Æþelstan

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