East Anglia


The Kingdom of East Anglia (i.e., Ēast Engla Rīce) was also known as the Kingdom of East Angles. Prior to the arrival of the Angles, the territory was known as Caer Went and was inhabited by descendants of the Iceni tribes. Engineering efforts in the region were neglected following the Roman departure, and much of the drained fens had been reclaimed by marsh. This isolated Ely and other islands in the contested Fens area, i.e., between East and Middil Engle.

East Anglia

By the mid-500s, the Anglian hold on the region was likely complete. The area was divided into halves, e.g., North Folk, South Folk. The rising House of Wuffingas appeared near Rendlesham and the River Ufford, probably named for the early Anglo-Saxon dynasty.

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  1. Wehha (unknown); poss. first ruler of East Angles
  2. Wuffa (571); son of Wehha, patriarch of the Wuffingas
  3. Tytila (578); son of Uffa / Wuffa, acceded in 578
  4. Rædwald (ca. 616-bef. 627); son of Tytila
  5. Eorpwald ( -627); son of Rædwald, murdered by Richberht
  6. Ricberht (ca. 627-ca. 630)
  7. Sigeberht (ca. 630- ); abdicated to monastery
  8. Ecgric (ca. 630-ca. 634); joint with Sigeberht
  9. Anna (ca. 640-ca. 653); nephew of Rædwald, son of Eni
  10. Æthelhere (ca. 653-655); brother of Anna
  11. Æthelwold (655-663); brother of Anna
  12. Ealdwulf (663-713); nephew of Anna, Æthelhere, and Æthelwold
  13. Ælfwald (713-749); son of Ealdwulf
  14. Beonna, Æthelberht I, and possibly Hun (749); joint kings
  15. Æthelred I (—); poss. succeeded Beonna
  16. Æthelberht II (779-794); executed at Offa’s command
  17. Offa (794-796); Mercian; joint with son, Ecgfrith
  18. Eadwald (ca. 796-ca. 800)
  19. Coenwulf (ca. 800-821); Mercian
  20. Ceolwulf (821-823); Mercian
  21. Beornwulf (823-826); Mercian
  22. Æthelstan I (827-845)
  23. Æthelweard (ca. 845-855)
  24. Edmund (Eadmund) the Martyr (855-869)
  25. Oswald (ca. 875); Norse
  26. Æthelred II (ca. 875); Norse
  27. Guthrum, i.e., Æthelstan II (879-890); Dane; Awarded East Anglia from Alfred the Great of Wessex
  28. Eohric (890-902); Dane
  29. Æthelwold ( -902); Dane
  30. Guthrum II ( -902); Dane

The last King of East Anglia…

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