This website is a personal project to find, collect, and learn about Anglo-Saxon discoveries and scholarship. With discoveries being made all-the-time, feel free to use this web site as a jumping point to articles, blogs, and ongoing projects. If you know of a discovery that I haven’t posted about, feel free to contact me!

I have no background in Anglo-Saxon studies other than a fascination with the subject. I have amassed a small library of books, which I continue to read without any apparent objective other to expand my knowledge on the subject.

Part of my interest in the Anglo-Saxons stems from my SCA persona, Æthelwine of Ealdgythesleage. Because there are no Regia Anglorum / Furder Strandi branches in my area, the SCA remains my best option for finding local people with similar interests. Another part stems from a tangential (perhaps erroneous) genealogical link to a pre-Norman family, the Aldithleys.

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